What is an Aadhar Card?

Aadhar Card is a 12-digit unique Identification number which serves as an identity proof for every citizen of India. Aadhar Card is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India on the behalf of the Indian Government. Aadhar card is a very important proof for every individual of India from availing government schemes to giving an important exam. Aadhar Card serves as a single proof of address and nationality for an Indian citizen. We will guide you on the exact process of aadhar card status and aadhar card download.

Importance of Aadhar Card

There is a lot of importance of an aadhar card and every citizen should get it.

  1. Direct Bank Transfer Scheme: This is a scheme named “PAHAL” by the government of India to directly transfer the LPG subsidy benefits to your bank account. To avail this benefit, you have to go to the area’s distributor and link your aadhar with your LPG consumer number. LPG consumer is a 17-digit number which is a proof for receiving LPG gas service. You can also link your LPG consumer number directly with the bank account too.
  2. Relief for Monthly Pensioners: It has been made necessary for pensioners to get their aadhar to their respective departments to avail the monthly pensions. This policy is forced to stop the fraudulent beneficiaries from receiving pension amounts.
  3. MNREGA: Under this scheme, the daily wage workers will get their wages directly to their bank account. They have to first link their aadhar card with their bank account. This step is also taken into action to stop abusing daily-wage workers and make payments transparent.
  4. Student Scholarships: It is now mandatory for the students receiving scholarships from government to have their bank accounts linked with their aadhar to make transactions transparent.
  5. Opening New Bank Account: No need to show up to the bank office with a bunch of documents. You just need to carry your aadhar card and get your new bank account registered.

Eligibility for Aadhar Card Registration

  1. Aadhar Card can be registered by any individual despite of gender, age, cast and religion.
  2. Aadhar Card can be even applied for kids of age less than 1 year.
  3. There is no enrollment fee and asking for money for registration of aadhar is illegal.

How to Apply For Aadhar Card  {6-Simple Steps}

  1. Download the official aadhar registration form here.
  2. Fill the form and take it to the enrollment center with the necessary documents for aadhar card registration.
  3. Submit your aadhar card form and the documents to the officials present in the centre.
  4. They will verify your documents and your pictures and biometrics will be taken as identity proof.
  5. You will get an acknowledgment slip with your enrollment number on it.
  6. You will receive your aadhar card on your residential address within 3-4 months. Meanwhile, you can check your aadhar card status and track it too.

It takes some months to get your aadhar card in hand, but still, you can check your aadhar card status using your enrollment number. If it is processed and available, you can easily download it online.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status 


You can check your aadhar card status by two techniques

  • Online Check
  • Enquiry By Phone Number 

Online Check: Follow these simple steps to check aadhar card status online. You can also use the video as a reference.

  1. Go to the official aadhar card website.
  2. Enter your 14 digit enrollment ID first.
  3. Enter the Date and Time in the required format in the adjoining box.
  4. After this, enter the CAPTCHA shown in the “Security Code” box below.
  5. Finally, click the “Check Status” button.

If you get a message “Your Aadhar is generated” on the next page, you can move on to download aadhar card.

Enquiry By Phone Number: UIDAI provides the facility of enquiring your aadhar card status by your mobile phone. You can either choose from these two options.

  1. Call Method: You have to directly call to UIDAI official number “1800-300-1947″. You will be asked for your Enrollment ID. After some minutes, the executives will tell you the current status of your aadhar.
  2.  SMS Method: This is one of the simplest method. Just send “UID STATUS<14-digit enrollment number>” without quotes to “51969” by your messaging application.


How to Update My Aadhar Card 


How Can I Download My Aadhar Card Online

One your aadhar is generated, you can download it. Make sure you keep your Enrollment Number safely for downloading the aadhar card. To make things easy, just check our guide of aadhar card download here.