Aadhar Card Download by using UID/Enrollment number 2018

Aadhar Card Download: Aadhar Card has become an essential document proof nowadays. Aadhar card is used as a proof of nationality for Indian citizens. Its importance urges us to preserve it safely but due to certain circumstances we sometimes loose it and losing Aadhar Card is a real headache as it is necessary to get some important documents issued like Passport, Pan Card, Visa etc.

Aadhar Card Download will also be needed for your admission in school and colleges. Some examination bodies have also made it mandatory to carry the aadhar card for attending the examination.

Aadhar Card Download

Aadhar Card Download

So we hope you have understood its importance and how you can face a lot of problems if you misplace your aadhar card. But now you don’t need to worry as you can download a duplicate copy of your aadhar card to serve you in case you get your aadhar card misplaced.

For downloading and Aadhar Card print -a duplicate copy of your aadhar card, you just need to remember your aadhar card number (12 digits individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India). If you don’t know your aadhar card number, you can check it from the official website following some really simple steps.

You don’t have to worry if you have lost the original aadhar card as the aadhar card duplicate copy that you will download from Aadhar official website will be as valid as the original aadhar card. That is a plus point of aadhar card. unlike other documents and identity cards, it is a digital copy. You can easily download it from  UIDAI website.

Why do You Need An Aadhar Card? 

It is obvious that this question might have come to your mind that -“Why I need to have an aadhar card?” or  “Why is it essential for me?”.  So before trying to download the aadhar card, read the full brief explanation on why is aadhar card an important asset for an Indian Citizen.

Aadhar card is your basic identity card , which is needed for applying for documents like passport , credit card ,visa , school admissions and everywhere else where you need to prove your identity . Even if you want to apply for a bank loan , you are bound to be have the posession of an aadhar card .

Since you are clear about the importance and need of aadhar card, let us proceed to how to download and print it.

Note: There is no charge for enrolling for an aadhar card and if anyone demands money in return to give you an aadhar card, you can report to the nearest police station. Aadhar card is your identity and no one can demand a penny for what’s yours!

Steps for Aadhar Card Download

Follow these simple steps below to get a duplicate copy of your aadhar card ( it’s really simple 🙂

1)Getting you UID Number

The first step is to know about the UID number or enrollment ID of your aadhar card.Its good if you have already written your UID number from your aadhar card but if you haven’t or even don’t know what the UID  number or the enrollment number is then you need to follow the steps below to get them.

Aadhar Card Download

Aadhar Card Download

  1. Go to UIDAI Offical Website 
  2. Select “Aadhar No(UID) ” from the top two option on the screen. Type in your full name as printed on your aadhar card
  3. Type  the email address or Mobile number whichever that you used to get aadhar
  4. Enter the Security code as shown in a small picture on the web page
  5. Finally, Click on “Send OTP “ Option. Then you will receive the OTP (On time password) on either on your mobile number or email address whichever you gave there.
  6. Enter that One -Time Password(OTP) below in “Enter OTP Received ” Option
Retrieve Lost UID/ Aadhar card number

Retrieve Lost UID/ Aadhar card number

Following these simple steps, you will receive you aadhar card number on SMS /email.

Now using this Aadhar Card number, you can download aadhar card and print your aadhar card following these simple steps.

How To Get/Download and print your Aadhar Card Copy Online 

Once you have the UID number, you have to use that to download the copy of your Aadhar Card Download.This part is too easy like the upper part.

1 . Head over to the E- Aadhar Page on the UIDAI Website.

2. Next to “I Have” option Select – “Aadhar Option”.

3 . Then Enter your “Aadhar number”, ” Full name”, and “Pincode” Full name”, and “Pincode”

4. Enter the Text Shown in the image into the box given below

5 . After doing this, Click on “Request OTP”.

Download Aadhar card

Download Aadhar card

6 . You will receive the One Time Password on your mobile number. You have to click Confirm in the pop-up that appears on clicking on get One Time password.

7 . Enter that One-time password in the box just below the “Request OTP” Option and Click on” and Download.

Aadhar Card Download UIDAI

  • You can download with UID number or enrollment number.
  • You should have a valid mobile number linked to your UID to get OTP.
  • If your mobile isn’t getting OTP or not linked to your UID
  • Get your mobile number updated online.
  • Download E-Aadhaar after updates will be completed.

If you have any Queries regarding aadhar card download,  you can type the query in the comment. Keep in touch with us to get more updates and valuable information on aadhar card status online.


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