How to Apply For Aadhar Card Application Form

Apply for Aadhar Card: Apply for Aadhar Card. Are you an Indian citizen and looking to apply for an aadhar card.If yes, then you have landed on the right place. Applying for an aadhar card and downloading it is easy. To make this easy task more easy for you, we have posted this tutorial on “How to Apply For Aadhar Card Application Form ”.

Note that in case you have already applied for an aadhar card then you can check your aadhar card status here. In case your aadhar card is generated then either wait for it to receive to your place or you can also download it from here – e- aadhar online. The online eaadhar card once printed is a valuable as the original one so there are no issues if you even have lost the original one ( You can download it from here).

Aadhar Card Application Form Download 

To apply for an aadhar card , you need to visit the enrollment center personally and ask for Aadhar Form which is available free of cost. At some of the centres, online Application form facility is also available.You can also check here the complete list of centers with online adhar application  enrollment.

To enroll online for the aadhar card application form ,go to  UIDAI website ( and go under downloads , Click on the Download button to get Aadhar Card form titled ‘Aadhar ENROLLMENT / CORRECTION FORM’ in PDF format.


After downloading the Aadhar Card application form just fill it and submit it at the nearby enrollment centre .If you are not much into tech and internet then you may visit the nearby enrollment centre and get the Application form for free .


  1. Visit the nearby enrollment centre
  2. Do make sure you have an appointment in advance but there is also no need to worry even if you don’t have one
  3. Submit the form if you have downloaded it from internet and filled it otherwise collect a form , fill it and submit it
  4. The officials present in the aadhar card office will check your application and also verify your documents
  5. After that you will have to wait for sometime as the computer  operator will feed your details into the computer so be patient till he does his tasks
  6. After this he will take your biometrics , and your photos will be taken through webcam and lastly you have to give your fingerprints.
  7. Then  a retina device will scan image of your retina for security purpose
  8. After all this you will be asked to crosscheck your documents and will be handed  an acknowledgement slip.
  9.   After all the official formalities are done , it will take a few months for your aadhar card to arrive . Meanwhile you can check the status of your aadhar card and even download the adhar card online.

Thanks a lot for reading this guide . Now i am sure you are quite confident of applying for your aadhar card offline or getting it online from the UIDAI official website .If you have any queries you can comment them below and i will be happy to answer all your queries


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